How I can help

It's not always easy to talk about how we're feeling. In fact, we're often pretty bad at it. But holding our feelings inside, or even avoiding them altogether, can take a toll on our wellbeing over time. Believe me, talking through your thoughts and feelings – and being heard – can make a powerful difference.

In our sessions, I’ll listen with compassion and without judgement, creating a safe space where we can explore together. 

Perhaps you feel anxious all the time, and struggle even to face the day?

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, desperate for a good night's sleep, or finding yourself lashing out at loved ones? 

Do you feel stuck, plagued with thoughts that you don't want?

Maybe you feel lost, wishing you could regain some confidence or purpose?

Or perhaps you want to heal, or want to explore the deepest, most vulnerable parts of yourself and understand who you really are?

At the centre of every one of our sessions will be you – your thoughts, your feelings, your memories, your experiences, your pain. I’ll listen with compassion and without judgement, creating a safe space where we can talk about the difficult things that have happened in your past, or the problems you are having in the present. And as we explore together, you'll begin to make sense of how you feel. I may gently challenge you to notice unhelpful patterns, and I will bear witness to the difficult things that have happened, whether that's loss, betrayal, trauma or abuse – there is nothing you can say that I'm not OK with hearing.

 I use an integrative approach, which means I work with a number of therapeutic concepts, including CBT, tailored to fit your individual needs and wishes. Key to my approach is the relationship that we'll form together, built on trust, openness and acceptance. I describe it as going on a car journey together. You'll be in the driving seat, but I'll be right there with you. I might point things out along the way that I notice, or gently invite you to try a different direction, but wherever we go, we go there together.

Just some of the issues I work with:

Anxiety • Depression • Low self-esteem • Identity • Bereavement • Relationship and family issues • Resolving past trauma • Anger • Issues around eating • Stress • Separation and divorce • Loneliness • Neurodiversity • Insomnia

As well as face-to-face sessions in a comfortable and private therapy room, I also offer online and telephone sessions, and walk and talk therapy in Hertfordshire that is easily accessible from the following areas:

Harpenden, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Luton, and surrounding areas

I also can offer home visit counselling in the Hertfordshire area in some circumstances.