I’m always grateful when my clients let me know what has helped them

Adult clients

'You helped me realise that I had so many defences, I'd made a prison for myself. You helped me feel like I can trust again, thank you.'

'I was able to tell you things that I've never told anyone before, and I feel so much lighter now because of that.'

'I can't believe the difference that our sessions has made. I've been on a journey of discovery, and having you by my side has helped so much. I feel much more positive about the future. I have hope now.' 

'Thank you for helping me with my anxiety. The strategies you gave me really helped and I'm much more confident about leaving the house. I know I can do it, even when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I think "What would Jo say?"' 

'The biggest thing you did for me was accept me. It helped me accept myself. I will really miss our sessions.'

Younger clients

'Thank you, Jo. You've made a huge difference to me. 1,000%. I feel better about things at school and I cope better when things go wrong.'

'You make me feel like I'm not weird after all. I like myself more now. I feel more comfortable at school, and I'm able to say what I want and what I don't want.'

'Our sessions were so, so helpful, thank you. I now know when I'm overthinking, or when I'm being hard on myself, trying to make everything perfect. I realise there's no such thing as perfect, and it's OK to be me.'

'Talking to you was like talking to a best friend, only better, because you really listened and you accept me just as I am.'

'My anger used to make me feel out of control. I don't feel that way now. You helped me understand all the other feelings that were underneath my anger.'